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Cisco 300-460 問題練習

Implementing and Troubleshooting the Cisco Cloud Infrastructure 試験

最新更新時間: 2021/01/10,合計48問。

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Question No : 1
A Cisco UCS Director administrator is charging the boot . Which option lists the steps that accomplish this task?

Explanation:­central-mgmt-guide/4­1/b_Cisco_UCS_Director_UCSCentral_Mgmt_Guide_41/b_Cisco_UCS_Director_UCSCent ral_Mgmt_Guide_41_chapter_0111.html#concept_2313A9F59CD94237819D14A3CA608D FD

Question No : 2
Cisco USB Director provides many tools to help diagnose and resolve common problems. Which option describes the purpose of the system information tool?

Explanation: Basic system information includes the version, uptimes, service status, system license status, usage, compute accounts status, compute server status, storage account status, system catalogs, network device status, and cloud status.
The advanced system information includes basic system information, and database tables summary, product configuration, top process information, and information on processors, memory, disks, log files, network, and login. You can also view the system task status, cloud inventory, and monitoring status.

Question No : 3
Which vCenter authentication service secures the VMware Cloud infrastructure platform?


Question No : 4
During which process are Cisco UCS UUID, MAC, and WWPN identifiers allocated from the pool?


Question No : 5
Which option lists the steps to configure a Cisco UCS B-Series server for jumbo frames and the Cisco Discovery Protocol?
A. On the Servers tab, set CDP enabled under the vNIC interface.
Set the vHBA MTU to 9000.
Assign the network control policy to the vHBA.
B. On the Servers tab, create a network control policy with CDP enabled.
On the vNIC select the jumbo-frame checkbox.
Assign the network control policy to the vNIC.
C. On the LAN tab, create a network control policy with CDP enabled.
Create a vNIC with an MTU of 9000.
Assign the network control policy to the vNIC.
D. On the LAN tab, create a vHBA template with an MTU of 9216.
Select the CDP checkbox.
Assign the network control policy to the vHBA.

正解: D

Question No : 6
Which option describes the purpose of system VLANs as used in a Cisco Nexus 1000V Switches?


Question No : 7
An administrator is installing a hypervisor and has provisioned a dedicated LAN connectivity, set the boot order, and is now rebooting the server to start installation. Which method is the administrator using to install the hypervisor?


Question No : 8
Which two fields are needed for a Cisco UCS Director administrator to configure a WWN block? (Choose two.)


Question No : 9
You have been asked to configure a virtual fiber channel interface. Which information is needed to complete this task?

Explanation: Check section “Creating a VFC” of the link;­mgmt-guide/b_Network_Devices_Management_Guide/b_Network_Devices_Management_Guide _chapter_01001.html

Question No : 10
Refer to the exhibit.

Which three commands complete the configuration for this Cisco Nexus 1000V port profile that is assigned to a vmkernel used for VSM control plane? (Choose three.)


Question No : 11
A Cisco USCM administrator is creating a boot policy. Which option lists the steps needed to accomplish this task?


Question No : 12
In which two ways can a cloud administrator dynamically increase a VMFS datastore? (Choose two.)


Question No : 13
Which four options are required on a DCHP server to enable PXE boot? (Choose four.)

Explanation: Refer to table 1 of the link:­config/4­1/b_ucsd_bma_install_config_guide_41/b_ucsd_bma_install_config_guide_41_chapter_01 00.html

Question No : 14
Which configuration provides the highest performance level to Virtual Extensible LAN?


Question No : 15
A Cisco UCS Director administrator is installing a Bare Metal Agent and is in the process of adding an NFS mount point. Which Administration menu option does the administrator choose to add an NFS mount point?


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