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HTML5 Application Development Fundamentals 試験

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Question No : 1
Which JavaScript method allows you to register multiple handlers for a single touch event?


Question No : 2
Which two outcomes will this code fragment accomplish? (Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose two.)

Explanation: Audio on the Web
Until now, there has not been a standard for playing audio files on a web page.
Today, most audio files are played through a plug-in (like flash). However, different browsers may have different plug-ins.
HTML5 defines a new element which specifies a standard way to embed an audio file on a web page: the <audio> element.
Browser Support Internet Explorer 9+, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, and Safari support the <audio> element.
<audio controls>
<source src="horse.ogg" type="audio/ogg">
<source src="horse.mp3" type="audio/mpeg">
Your browser does not support the audio element.

Question No : 3
Your code includes the following fragment:
<input type="text" name="text1" id="myText" />
You need to add code that will retrieve the contents of the INPUT element.
Which JavaScript code fragment will accomplish this?


Question No : 4
Which two are WebSocket events? (Choose two.)

Explanation: Following are the events associated with WebSocket object. Assuming we created Socket object:
Event, Event Handler, Description * open Socket.onopen This event occurs when socket connection is established.
message Socket.onmessage This event occurs when client receives data from server. error Socket.onerror This event occurs when there is any error in communication.
close Socket.onclose

This event occurs when connection is closed.

Question No : 5
Which two terms represent interfaces in the File API? (Choose two.)

Explanation: The File Interface This interface describes a single file in a FileList and exposes its name. It inherits from Blob.
[Constructor(Blob fileBits, [EnsureUTF16] DOMStringfileName)] interface File : Blob {
readonly attribute DOMString name; readonly attribute Date lastModifiedDate;

Question No : 6
Which element should you use to rotate an SVG square?


Question No : 7
Which three code fragments define an HTML input control? (Choose three.)

Explanation: HTML input types include: button checkbox color date datetime datetime-local email file hidden image month number password radio range reset search submit
tel text time url week
Note: HTML Forms - The Input Element The most important form element is the <input> element. The <input> element is used to select user information. An <input> element can vary in many ways, depending on the type attribute. An <input> element can be of type text field, checkbox, password, radio button, submit button, and more.

Question No : 8
Match the JavaScript code fragments with the HTML5 local storage functions. (To answer, drag the appropriate code fragment from the column on the left to its local storage function on the right. Each code fragment may be used once, more than once, or not at all. Each correct match is worth one point.)


Question No : 9
Which three event attributes are used with the CAPTION element in HTML5? (Choose three.)

Explanation: A: onmouseover The cursor moved over the object (i.e. user hovers the mouse over the object).
B: ondblclick Invoked when the user clicked twice on the object.
C: onkeydown Invoked when a key was pressed over an element.

Question No : 10
What value does the following JavaScript code fragment store into the variable num?
varnum = localStorage.length;


Question No : 11
You create an interface for a touch-enabled application.
During testing you discover that some touches trigger multiple input areas.
Which situation will cause this problem?


Question No : 12
Which code fragment will display an image file while the video is downloading?


Question No : 13
The data in a specific HTML5 local storage database can be accessed from:


Question No : 14
Which CSS3 code fragment rounds the corners of a border?


Question No : 15
An HTML5 application can run without an Internet connection if:


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