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Adobe 9A0-389 問題練習

Adobe Campaign Developer 試験

最新更新時間: 2021/01/13,合計12問。

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Question No : 1
You need to display email, firstName and lastName according to the following layout.

Which element or attribute should you use?


Question No : 2
A new schema is defined. This error appears when the schema is saved.
What is the reason for this error?


Question No : 3
You want to see the email column in the list of the field recipient records. What should you do?


Question No : 4
You want to add the following new columns to the output of a direct mail file extract:
Firstparturl is already declared in a JavaScrips activity which will be executed before the targeting query:
vars.firstparturl ='http:/ /';
The additional column for recipient called John Doe should look like this:
http:/ /
How would you have created the expression in the query activity (Additional columns window) in order to meet the above mentioned requirement?


Question No : 5
What is the purpose of the "Taken into account if" expression on a predefined filer?


Question No : 6
A user receives an Adobe Campaign email notification where they are informed that approval is needed for a certain delivery. The user logs into the Adobe Campaign console and wants to approve the mentioned delivery via the delivery dashboard but the approval link is NOT displayed there.
What would cause the approval link to NOT be shown?


Question No : 7
Which is required when creating a new Plan?


Question No : 8
What is the most problematic issue about the workflow shown below?

A. The end activity will cause all records in the context to be removed from memory.
B. The split might fail causing no deliveries to be sent.
C. The two deliveries will be sent concurrently causing issues with the MTA.
D. The query may not have been completed before the scheduler runs again.

正解: D

Question No : 9
There are two distinct recipient folders for France and Germany. There are two operator groups for France and Germany that are assigned to each respective folder. A new regional manager joins the company and needs to be able to see both German and French recipients.
How should you setup the rights of that user?


Question No : 10
In order to restrict the choice of target elements in an input form a sysfilter was added via the link definition:

What is missing in line 4?


Question No : 11
The following XML expression checks for the existence of a first name and will raise an error if the first name field is empty.

Where should this expression be located?


Question No : 12
How can you give access to a view without giving access to its source folder?


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