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Adobe Experience Manager Sites Developer 試験

最新更新時間: 2021/01/07,合計37問。

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Question No : 1
The developer is presented with a component “Component A” which inherits from a component “Component B”.
The dialog of Component A on path ../cq:dialog/../../items looks like:

The dialog of Component B on path ../cq:dialog/../../items looks like:

The requirement for the dialog is that the “Align text” field is shown after the “Title” field.
What should the developer do without changing Component B?
A. Move the align node from Component A to Component B and order them according the requirements.
B. Extend Component B with the functionality of Component A.
C. Add the property sling:orderBefore=”description” to the align node.
D. Move all nodes under the item node from Component B to Component A and order them according the requirements.

正解: A

Question No : 2
Too many pages are invalidated in the dispatcher cache when a page is published.
What is most likely causing this issue in the dispatcher configuration?


Question No : 3
A developer creates an AEM editable template that includes a Layout Container. When the developer creates a page using this template, the Layout Container placeholder does NOT appear.
What is causing this issue?


Question No : 4
A developer developed a workflow that makes a copy of every node created or modified under a certain path to a different one. The workflow launches but the nodes are not copied over.
Which two methods should the developer use to resolve this issue? (Choose two.)


Question No : 5
How should a developer enable remote debugging of an AEM server without modifying the AEM start script?


Question No : 6
A custom AEM application is using the PageManager API.
What should a developer add to make the application compile and run correctly in AEM?


Question No : 7
A developer is creating a new OSGi bundle com.custom.package.b to expose new services.
com.custom.package.a is already installed and active in the system and has the following package definition:

The system console shows the following package availability:

Bundle com.custom.package.b to be installed has the following package definition:

What will happen when the developer uploads the bundle com.custom.package.b into the system?


Question No : 8
A developer is creating templates and/or components using CRXDE Lite. The developer needs to check the files into source control.
Which tool should the developer use to achieve this goal?


Question No : 9
A developer needs to create a component with the following requirements:
- The component must be configurable
- The component should be editable, NOT removable
- An author should be unable to add the component to a page through design mode

Which mode structure should the developer use to meet these requirements?


Question No : 10
The custom AEM application needs to keep a flat list of all page paths underneath /content/thesite in memory for a real-time integration with high performance requirements.
The developer has the following intermediate state of the class:

What action should the developer take to meet these requirements?


Question No : 11
A developer is creating a custom method. This method must return a String property y from child x. the method must use only Sling APIs.
How should the developer retrieve property y of node x, and node x may or may NOT exist?


Question No : 12
A developer determines that the dispatcher is NOT refreshing the cached page /content/sampleproject/sample.html after it is updated.
The dispatcher.any contains the following entries:

Refer to the $DOCROOT directory below:

The dispatcher needs to cache the page and refresh it after it gets updated.
What action should the developer take to meet these requirements?


Question No : 13
An application runs specific license checks against certain DAM assets every day. It should send an email to a configured list if it finds warnings, and mark the asset accordingly. A service component that uses the Apache Sling Scheduler Service is created. DAM assets that must NOT be used anymore are hidden using ACLs and the license check must re-check them.
How should a developer obtain a resource resolver that can read and update the DAM assets?


Question No : 14
For each CRX node in the hierarchy, which actions can be configured using the user admin interface?


Question No : 15
A developer needs to create a new component called “Component A”. Component A must show a list of other components that all have a resource type of existing “Component B”. Component A must render this list of tiles for each Component B where the tile rendering is different from the default one. The list of rendered tiles must be reusable by future new components.
How should the developer implement this functionality?


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