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IBM C2070-994 問題練習

IBM Datacap V9.0 Solution Designer 試験

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Question No : 1
A company is going to use Datacap Desktop to replace Taskmaster DotScan and Taskmaster DotEdit. As they migrate their current Taskmaster V8.1 applications, they want to know if all of their existing tasks will be available in Datacap Desktop.
By default, the application wizard does not create which of the following tasks in Datacap Desktop?

By default, the application wizard does not create a scan task that you can use for scanning hardcopy pages. To scan pages and create a batch with Datacap Desktop, you need to manually create a scan task.
Incorrect Answers:
B: You can use Datacap Desktop to run all of the default tasks that the Datacap Studio application wizard generates. The Datacap Studio application wizard creates a workflow that includes the Main Job, a Fixup Job, and a Web Job.
C, D: The Main Job and the Web Job both contain sufficient tasks for processing a batch, from batch creation to exporting the batch.
References: dcacl000.htm

Question No : 2
A solution designer of an IBM Datacap application, that will integrate with IBM FileNet P8, decides to put sets of fingerprints into different folders.
Which of the following action libraries could be used to set the location of the fingerprints?

Use the FileNet P8 actions to export data to a FileNet P8 repository. The FileNet P8 actions integrate Datacap applications with the IBM FileNet P8 repository. You run these actions to access the FileNet P8 server, set up document attributes and folders on the server, and upload documents to the server for storage.
FNP8_SetDestinationFolder function sets the destination folder for the documents to be uploaded.
Incorrect Answers:
A: Use the FileIO actions to do various file system functions.
The FileIO actions can check for available disk space, copy or delete directories, and write file values to a specified variable.
D: Use the Fingerprint Maintenance actions to delete fingerprints from the fingerprint library of the application.
The Fingerprint Maintenance actions open and close connections to the fingerprint database, specify the folder that contains the fingerprints to be deleted, and deletes those fingerprints.
References: dcaca024.htm

Question No : 3
Which of the following best describes a scenario to consider when using a distributed IBM Datacap deployment?

Distributed deployments are typical in organizations with these requirements:
- Scan documents from multiple locations.
- Scan centrally but need to have remote users verify the documents.
- Use outside vendors to scan or verify images.
- Use mobile capture and indexing capabilities.
- Have remote multifunction devices and printers that must participate in captures.
References: IBM Redbooks, Implementing Document Imaging and Capture Solutions with IBM Datacap, Second Edition (October 2015), page 79

Question No : 4
A solution designer is trying to create a ruleset to validate currency field values.
Which of the following values would need to be adjusted prior to running IsFieldCurrency successfully?

IsFieldCurrency determines if the captured value of the Field meets the currency format of the current locale. It returns True if the field is a number and includes a two-digit decimal amount; returns False otherwise. The action ignores any leading currency symbol (for example, $). This determination includes the number of decimal places, decimal and digit separator characters and any present currency indicators.
Example IsFieldCurrency() $1,200 returns False $1,200.00 returns True

Question No : 5
In an effort to maintain disk space, a company wants to create a task that will delete completed batches with a “Job done” status from the batches directory that are older than 5 days.
Which one of the following tasks is the best option to meet the requirement?

You can create a Maintenance Manager ruleset to periodically purge old batches from the batches folder of the application. The ruleset can also remove the corresponding records from the Engine database of the application.
The sample AutoDelete ruleset removes all of the batches that were completed more than five days ago.

References: dcane003.htm

Question No : 6
A solution designer configured an application to allow all task profiles to be available to Rulerunner.
Which applications would be used to remove unnecessary task profiles so they are no longer available to configure on the Rulerunner server?

To configure the task profiles for Rulerunner to run:

Question No : 7
A solution designer has created a set of custom actions called SFActions, that have .NET DLL dependencies, for an application called SchoolForms on an all-in-one developer workstation. The custom DLL is located in the application’s rules folder.
Where do the dependent DLLs need to reside for this custom action library to load successfully?


Question No : 8
A company has determined through testing that they could improve Rulerunner performance for APT by adding additional threads to Rulerunner. Currently they have a Rulerunner server with 4 cores and 4 threads defined.
How many more threads are recommended to add to the existing Rulerunner server?

In general, you want the number of threads to match the number of processors in the host computer. For example, when Rulerunner is installed on a quad core server, enable four Rulerunner threads.
References: dcapt030.htm

Question No : 9
A company wants a two stage verification process where the same user cannot verify the same batch twice. There will be two verify in the Datacap application. The first verify step can be completed by anyone; the second step must be completed by a different user.
How can they ensure that in the workflow the same user cannot verify the same batch twice?

Queue by Other User: The user that stored the batch cannot open the batch.
References: dcaad007.htm

Question No : 10
A solution designer needs to further troubleshoot an issue with the ABBYY engine.
What action needs to be called in order to enable logging for this issue?

The EnableEngineLogsOCR_A action enables ABBYY Engine logging.
References: dcadgb65.htm

Question No : 11
An application ingests emails which contain attachments in a verify of formats. The solution designer wants to convert the attachments using the Convert action library.
Convert actions can convert which of the following formats?

The convert actions can convert files from these formats; Microsoft Excel. HTML, Microsoft Outlook, PDF, RTF, Text, Microsoft Word.
References: dcadg111.htm

Question No : 12
A solution designer wants to identify pages from a fingerprint based on the relative densities of different regions of the page.
Which action should be called before calling FindFingerprint in order to generate the fingerprint for the page?

Full-page recognition actions, such as RecognizePageOCR_S, RecognizePageICR_C, RecognizePageOCR_A, create a fingerprint that is based on the results of recognition; that is, both geometry and text of the recognized characters, words and lines.
To force creation of a pure recognition-based fingerprint, call SetFingerprintRecogPriority(True) before full-page recognition. This guarantees that any existing geometric fingerprint is ignored, and it applies to OCR_S and ICR_C only.
FindFingerprint(True)copy to clipboard
After the full-page recognition action (RecognizePageOCR_S), the CreateTextFile() action places the recognized values into a Text file that it has set up for the page, and adds the file to the current batch, in the Batches directory of the application.
References: dcadg884.htm

Question No : 13
A company has decided to use structure-based identification for all scanned images defined as “Invoice” in the DCO. During the scan process all images are assigned the default of “Other”.
Which of the following actions should be called and be successfully completed prior to performing any actions on “Other” images?

SetDCOType assigns a value to the Type property of the current object of the Document Hierarchy.
Incorrect Answers:
B: The SetPageType action assigns a Page Type to the current Page object of the Document Hierarchy.
C: SetDCOStatus assigns a value to the Status property of the current object of the Document Hierarchy.
D: SetDocumentType is similar to the SetDCOType action but works at the Document, Page or Field level.
The action assigns the Document Type you enter as a parameter to the current Document object of the Document Hierarchy.
References: dcadg919.htm

Question No : 14
A company is planning to build a development environment in which an Oracle Directory Server will be the authentication system.
Which authentication system would be used in this scenario?

Select LLLDAP authentication, rather than LDAP, when you are using authentication providers other than Windows Active Directory for authentication. Select this option when you are using providers such as Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition (formerly known as Sun Directory Server Enterprise Edition). The LLLDAP server can be outside of the domain in which the Datacap computers are located.
References: dcain427.htm

Question No : 15
An IBM Datacap Application Developer logs in to Datacap Studio in the UAT environment and does not see an application called Expense in the list. Expense was recently moved from the Development environment to UAT.
Which of the following options provides a possible explanation for why the Application Developer can’t see the Expense application in UAT?

Note: Datacap Studio is used to define and configure Datacap applications by defining and assembling the document hierarchies, recognition zones and fields, rules, and actions. It requires access to the file server and the Datacap databases.

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