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IBM C9550-605 問題練習

IBM WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus V7.0 Integration Development 試験

最新更新時間: 2020/05/15,合計225問。

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Question No : 1
An integration developer has developed a mediation flow component having Web Services export. The binding type used is SOAP/HTTP. To test the Web Services export with a SOAP message, which of the following rules must the integration developer follow?

Explanation: help.comptest.doc%2Ftopics%2Fttstsoap.html(see 'before you begin')

Question No : 2
An integration developer would like to preserve the breakpoints created during the debugging process. What action should the integration developer take?


Question No : 3
An integration developer created a mediation flow component utilizing the Data Handler mediation primitive. Which view should the integration developer use in the integration debugger to view the message as it passes through the mediation flow as part of the request?

Explanation: wid/6.0.2/MediationLabs/WPIv602_ESB_Lab3.pdf(page 3)

Question No : 4
An integration developer is tasked to test the XML maps created in the mediation flow component using the integration test client. In order to perform testing of the XML maps, which of the following is most applicable?


Question No : 5
An integration developer needs to use the data pool available in WebSphere Integration Developer. Which of the following options are applicable to the data pool editor?


Question No : 6
An integration developer is using a servlet created by a test project to execute test cases remotely. Which of the following URL pattern is available by default for the servlet?


Question No : 7
An integration developer has developed an application that emits events through the Common Event Infrastructure. The log level has been set to FINE. The events include business object data. Which log file should be used to examine the business object data'?


Question No : 8
An integration developer successfully deployed an application containing an SCA module. The application fails to start as the server attempts to initiate application resources. Which of the following may be the cause of the failure?

Explanation: phere.wps.doc%2Fdoc%2Ftdep_troubleshoot.html(step 2)

Question No : 9
During testing of an SCA component, an integration developer uses the administrative console to select event points for monitoring using the Common Event Infrastructure (CEI) server. Which service must be enabled to capture service component event details?


Question No : 10
An integration developer has developed a mediation flow component with one SCA export, one Web Service import and one SCA import. The integration developer is tasked to test the developed mediation flow using integration test client (ITC). The mediation module is not deployed on the test server. Which of the following is the most appropriate behavior depicted by ITC?


Question No : 11
An integration developer would like to preserve the breakpoints created during the debugging process. What action should the integration developer take?


Question No : 12
Refer to the Exhibit.

An integration developer is creating a mediation component that has a reference with a multiplicity of 0..n. The reference is not wired. What is the result when ProfileServiceMediationExport is invoked?

Explanation: phere.wbpm.messages.doc%2Fmessages%2Fcwzmu.html(search for 0..n)

Question No : 13
Which IBM product is an essential part of WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus?


Question No : 14
An integration developer has developed a module which depends on two libraries. LIB 1 and LIB 2. The libraries have business objects with a common namespace. The module references a business object A in LIB 1 and business object B in LIB 2. The integration developer is facing an issue that if the LIB 1 is listed first in the dependency editor the application code within the module can find business object A but not business object
B. Similarly if LIB 2 is listed first in the dependency editor, the program will find business object B but not business object A. Which of the following solution options follow the best practices to resolve this namespace conflict?
A. Move the artifacts with common namespaces in the same library.
B. Refactor the namespaces of the artifacts in LIB 1 and LIB 2 so that they are unique.
C. Remove the dependencies and place all required artifacts/business objects in the module itself.
D. Move business object A in the module and delete LIB 1 so that the module has dependency on a single library LIB 2.
E. Change the namespace of the artifacts in the libraries to be the same as that of artifacts in the module which is dependent on these libraries.

正解: A,E

Question No : 15
An integration developer wants to create a component that invokes a service and then retrieves the response in the same transaction. Which invocation style should be used?


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