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IBM C9560-517 問題練習

IBM Workload Automation V9.2 Implementation 試験

最新更新時間: 2020/11/16,合計21問。

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Question No : 1
What will be the effect of jobs on a workstation if the workstation FENCE is set to GO?

Explanation: rgfence.htm

Question No : 2
The scripts, tws_env.cmd (Windows) and (UNIX), are used for which purpose?

Explanation: rgcreateplan.htm

Question No : 3
Which log should be reviewed if a job running on a fault-tolerant agent (FTA) abends?


Question No : 4
Which process can have a lock on the Symphony file?

Explanation: rgscen1a.htm

Question No : 5
What is the purpose of running the command conman cancel job <jobselect>; pend?

Explanation: m%23dqx3conmanpro(see table 116)

Question No : 6
What is the significance of having more than one two instance<n> file in the /etc/TWA directory?
A. There were failed installations.
B. The installed instance has been upgraded one or more times.
C. There is more than one Tivoli Workload Automation instance installed.
D. The Tivoli Workload Scheduler instance has more than one JazzSM profile.

正解: C

Question No : 7
Which conman command switches the event processor component?

Explanation: rgevntrulemgmntproc.htm

Question No : 8
Which log on the system where event processor is running shows the deploying actions of event rules?


Question No : 9

Which statement is true for the given Security file extract?


Question No : 10
Which two processes are specific to the dynamic agent?


Question No : 11
Which statement is true when allowing users to authenticate with the same credentials when they use the composer command and the Dynamic Workload Console (DWC)?


Question No : 12
When is a local parameter in a job scheduled turn on a fault-tolerant agent (FTA) resolved?


Question No : 13
Which workstation type is required when defining the workstation definition for a dynamic domain manager configured as a backup?

Explanation: General_Help/awsrgworkstationconcept.htm?cp=SSGSPN_9.1.0%2F4-6-8-0-0

Question No : 14
What are three parameters that can be configured in the localopts file?


Question No : 15
What are the two main object types of event management plug-ins?

Explanation: wsdxeventmanagementplug-in.htm?lang=fr

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