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Network Appliance NS0-182 問題練習

Certified Storage Installation Engineer, ONTAP 試験

最新更新時間: 2021/01/07,合計50問。

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Question No : 1
You have a 6-node ONTAP 9.1 cluster with two FAS6290 nodes and four FAS8080 EX nodes using a SAN protocol.
In this scenario, how many FAS9000 HA pairs would be joined to this cluster?


Question No : 2
You install a new 2-node FAS8200 switchless cluster. You want to reach all necessary management LIFs and SPs for this cluster.
How many management IP addresses do you need in this scenario?


Question No : 3
You have just installed a new AFF A220 4-node cluster with ONTAP 9.5 for a customer.
Which two cluster switches are supported in this scenario? (Choose two.)


Question No : 4
You are using a NetApp CN1610 cluster-interconnect switch and need to connect a new AFF A800A node to the switch.
In this scenario, how many Ethernet ports per node are required on each switch?


Question No : 5
You configured AutoSupport and are trying to send a full AutoSupport message to NetApp.
You use the autosupport history showcommand and see the output shown in the exhibit.

The customer confirms that the AutoSupport settings are correct.
Which two actions will solve this issue? (Choose two.)


Question No : 6
Which statement about LIFs is true?


Question No : 7
You are deploying a cluster with four AFF A300 nodes and Cisco 3232C switches. When you arrive at the customer's site, you notice that there are multiple breakout cables and four Cisco 3232C switches. In this scenario, which statement is true?


Question No : 8
What are two types of load balancing methods available in multimode interface groups? (Choose two.)


Question No : 9
You were asked to install a FAS9000 with two quad-port SAS PCI cards. The SAS PCI cards are installed in slot 9 and slot 1. In preparation for the installation, you are filling out the SAS cabling worksheet. In this scenario, which ports are used for the second stack?


Question No : 10
You are installing a new 2-node AFF A220 cluster running ONTAP 9.5. The customer would like to use the UTA2 adapters from the first controller to connect to the 10GbE front-end switches. On the second controller, they would like to use the first UTA2 port as a target FC port, and the second as an FC initiator. In this scenario, according to NetApp Best practices, what should your customer do?
A. Change all the UTA2 ports from CNA mode to FC mode.
B. Change all the UTA2 ports to CNA to support both FC and Ethernet.
C. Change the first two ports of each controller to FC and the last two to CNA.
D. Change the UTA2 ports from CNA mode to FC mode on the first controller.

正解: C
Reference: 7

Question No : 11
Which keyboard combination enables you to access the Service Processor (SP) or the Board Management Control (BMC) from the system console CLI?


Question No : 12
While preparing for a new ONTAP installation, you discover an issue with the controllers that are running ONTAP 9.5. The issue is not affecting controllers that are running ONTAP 9.4 with the latest patch version. In this scenario, which two steps should you perform to solve the problem? (Choose two.)


Question No : 13
Which NetApp tool should you use to set up an ONTAP 9.5 cluster?


Question No : 14
Set the adapter to status-admin up.

正解: C

Question No : 15
Your customer regularly schedules disaster recovery tests to ensure the high availability capabilities of the ONTAP cluster.
In this scenario, which two commands would you use to perform this test? (Choose two.)

Reference: (37)

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