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Qlik Sense Business Analyst Certification Exam 試験

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Question No : 1
A company has customers in 16 countries. The majority of the customers are in Germany.
A business analyst creates a filter pane for Country, and wants “Germany” listed first. The rest of the countries should be listed in alphabetical order.
Which method should the business analyst use to meet this requirement?


Question No : 2
Refer to the exhibit.

A business analyst is testing an existing app that returns unexpected results.
- Using the selection tool, the business analyst observes the following behavior.
- Select a CompanyName and the associated OrderID records are white
- Select a Year and all OrderID records are gray
- Select an OrderID and the Quarter values are all gray, but the CompanyNames are white
- Select a ProductID and the associated ShipperName and OrderDates are white, but the Year is gray
What is causing these results?


Question No : 3
A business analyst is NOT familiar with the data and is using insight advisor to create a number of visualizations.
Which steps should the business analyst take to add the visualizations to a sheet?

Reference: Visualizations/creating_visualizations_insights.htm

Question No : 4
Refer to the exhibits.

A business analyst must create a bar chart to show the total value of orders processed per day. The dataset loaded by the data architect only contains the OrderNo, OrderDateTime, and OrderAmount. The business analyst creates a calculated field, OrderDate, using the expression, Date (OrderDateTime). The bar chart does NOT present the information correctly.
How should the business analyst fix the error?

Reference: Manage_data_Qlik_Sense.pdf

Question No : 5
Refer to the exhibit.

A business analyst creates a bar chart and notices the weekdays are NOT in a US default format. The analyst does NOT have permissions to enter the data load editor and edit the data. The analyst only has a few minutes before the meeting to show the insights to a manager. The business analyst wants to quickly customize the chart to show the weekdays in US format.
Which action should the business analyst take to fix the chart?


Question No : 6
Refer to the exhibit.

A business analyst must analyze sales using an existing sales order app.
- The Orders table in the app was added from a QVD file using the data manager
- The Orders table in the app and the QVD do NOT contain a SalesAmount field
- SalesAmount can be calculated by multiplying the Quantity and UnitPrice
How should the business analyst add a SalesAmount field into the Orders table?


Question No : 7
Change the format from ‘Geo data’ to ‘General’

正解: D

Question No : 8
A business analyst is creating a dashboard to analyze supply chains.
The app must contain several elements:
- A bar chart that shows a number of products and product groups handled by shipper
- A map that shows the number of shipments sent from factory locations
- A bar chart that shows average delivery costs by shipper
Which dimensions should the business analyst use for this app?


Question No : 9
Create two gauges, one for each measure and set the color for each appropriately

正解: B

Question No : 10
A business analyst must display current year sales versus previous year sales by region, sub-region, and city.
The result will be a pivot table, with rows for the region, sub-region, and city, and columns for Current Year Sales and Previous Year Sales.
Which calculated expressions should the business analyst create to meet these requirements?


Question No : 11
A business analyst must adjust and create new visualizations on a published app in Qlik Sense Enterprise. The changes need to be made very quickly.
Which two actions can the business analyst perform in the app on the hub? (Choose two.)


Question No : 12
A bus company wants to analyze customer travel patterns to add additional services or create new routes.
The business analyst needs to consider the following data:
- 190 routes across the city
- Start and end location of each route
- Volume of customers travelling per hour
- Customer complaints when buses are full
Which visualization should a business analyst use to meet this requirement?


Question No : 13
A business analyst wants to develop a Qlik Sense app with some key performance indicators on the dashboard. The analyst decides to use two KPI objects to represent key metrics for the organization.
Which two measures should the business analyst use to meet these requirements? (Choose two.)


Question No : 14
A retailer with 300 locations worldwide needs to analyze its workforce to prepare for its next board meeting. The two most important items to the board members are total compensation and number of employees by city.
Which visualization should a business analyst use to meet this requirement?


Question No : 15
Report: sheet for the row-level details

正解: C

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