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Qlik Sense Data Architect Certification Exam 試験

最新更新時間: 2021/01/13,合計20問。

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Question No : 1
Payroll managers need access to the payroll system to complete a quarterly report. A username and password is required to access the payroll system through an ODBC connection. Only the system administrator should have access to the credentials and make updates as needed. Each payroll manager who access the app should only see their own employees.
Which two actions are required to set up the appropriate security? (Choose two.)


Question No : 2
Refer to the exhibit.

A QlikView app was converted to a Qlik Sense app using the Dev Hub converter. The new Qlik Sense app was reloaded without editing the script or the server settings, which created a script error.
What should a data architect do to resolve the issue?


Question No : 3
Refer to the exhibit.

A data architect is reviewing an app that is under development. The app as NOT been published. All data has been validated in all charts and KPIs. The data architect notices that the data model has two fact tables with common field names that cause a synthetic join.
Which step should the data architect take to correct the data model without affecting the app?


Question No : 4
Refer to the exhibits.

A company notices that product sales have decreased. A data architect needs to create an app to show the correlation between the decreased revenue and the latest customer survey results.
Which Qlik Sense feature should the data architect use to meet this requirement?


Question No : 5
A data architect is working on a time and expense app for an organization that has Sales, Marketing, and Finance departments/ Department managers should only be able to view the data for their department’s team members.
Where should the data architect apply this security restriction?

Reference: Scripting/Security/manage-security-with-section-access.htm

Question No : 6
The dates are stored as strings in the database. The data architect must convert the dates to date format. The reload must be as fast as possible.
Which script should the data architect use?


Question No : 7
An enterprise data warehouse contains 700 million records. This enterprise data warehouse has a three-tiered architecture and uses QVDs.
The Qlik Sense server contains 24 GB RAM and contains two processors with eight cores. The company needs to allow vendors to access a Qlik Sense app anonymously to review past business transactions and current year-to-date performance.
Which method should the data architect use to meet this requirement?


Question No : 8
Refer to the exhibit.

A data architect needs to transform the values for SalesYear from ‘Sales 2016’ to display only the year values ‘2016’ and ‘2017’ in the table.
Which two functions can the data architect use to accomplish this in the script? (Choose two.)


Question No : 9
Refer to the exhibit.

A data architect needs to build a dashboard that displays the aggregated sales for each sales representative. All aggregations on the data must be performed in the script.
Which script should the data architect use to meet these requirements?


Question No : 10
Load the Encounters table

正解: B

Question No : 11
Two companies have merged and full database integration is planned for next year.
The data architect needs an interim solution to view all employee data from both companies.
- The tables come from different systems
- Both companies have similar Employees tables
- Both tables have identifiers for Employee and some other attributes (e.g., geographical information)
- The tables also have some fields that do NOT match (e.g., Social Security Number and Bank Account)
Which problem occurs when the two tables are loaded into Qlik Sense?


Question No : 12
Create a new field to the OrderDetails table: ApplyMap (‘UnitCost_Map’, ProductID, 0) * Quantity as COGS

正解: D

Question No : 13
Refer to the exhibit.

A data architect has two tables that contain Sales and target data for employees. The tables are loaded into Qlik Sense and are associated by EmployeeID. The data architect creates a bar chart of total Sales vs. Target. The architect notices some values for target are too high, and employees with NO sales should be excluded.
Which function should the data architect use to resolve these issues?


Question No : 14
Refer to the exhibit.

The data model shown has a synthetic key for information that contains actual sales and budget sales for a multi-national company. As a business requirement, users must be able to drill down by department and country. Data must not be lost. Due to data quality issues, some departments are NOT included in the Sales and Budget tables. The data architect needs a method to eliminate synthetic keys that generates the fastest performing data model.
Which method should the data architect use?


Question No : 15
Refer to the exhibit.

The business analyst previews some data and notices different values for the United States in the Country field. The analyst must be able to report the total sales for the United States. The data architect must fix this issue in the LOAD script.
Which function should the data architect use to fix data quality issue?


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