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QlikView QSSA2018 問題練習

Qlik Sense System Administrator Certification Exam – June 2018 Release 試験

最新更新時間: 2021/01/08,合計30問。

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Question No : 1
In a Qlik Sense environment, users in the Finance department can successfully log in to the hub open or edit apps in the Finance stream.
Developers in the Finance department are unable to modify the HTML code for widgets.
Where should the system administrator determine the source of this issue?


Question No : 2
A system administrator must set up security that does NOT allow certain users to create objects in published apps. The users that should NOT be able to create objects are in an AD group called LimitedUsers.
Which security rule should the administrator use to meet this requirement?


Question No : 3
A company recently experienced a merger and needs to integrate new users into the Qlik Sense environment.
A system administrator must make sure that the system sizing and the tokens match the requirements for all employees in the future.
The system administrator learns the following information:
- 450 active Qlik Sense users before the merger
- 300 new Qlik Sense users
- 500 current token licenses
- Reloads must have the same performance as before the merger
- The number of apps will approximately double
Management requests an estimate from the system administrator about server resources and additional licenses.
Which set of tools should the system administrator use to meet these requirements?


Question No : 4
A customer uses Qlik Sense Enterprise v3.2 SR5 and wants to upgrade to the latest version. Qlik Sense Enterprise is running on Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2.
Which option should the system administrator recommend?


Question No : 5
A domain user is granted access and could successfully log into the hub yesterday.
The same domain user attempts to log in into the hub today, and receives this error message:
Your account is inactive. Contact your administrator to activate it.
The user is able to successfully log into the Windows domain network. The user did NOT change the password recently. The user has NO limited working hours in the Active Directory.
What should the system administrator investigate to determine the cause of this error message?


Question No : 6
A system administrator must design a Qlik Sense server architecture that meets the following requirements:
- Approximately 1000 users will be using apps
- Apps are reloaded outside of office hours
- The total size of data in all apps will be approximately 600 million rows
- Apps must be available 24/7
Which architecture meets these requirements in the most cost efficient way?





Question No : 7
Refer to the exhibit.

A ContentAdmin user discovers TASK_RELOAD_APP2 fails. The user double-clicks the Failed task to open the Edit reload task screen. There are NO issues found in the Edit reload task screen.
The user opens the Operations Monitor app, and finds an error message in the Task Details sheet:
Message from ReloadProvider: Reload failed in Engine. Check Engine or Scriptlogs.
The Engine log did NOT provide any reason for the failure.
Which is the most efficient method to find the cause of this issue?


Question No : 8
Sets the condition to ((“RIM A” or”RIM B”))
The rule is successfully verified. The system administrator has users log in to the hub and open apps to verify that they are opening on RIM B.
However, after multiple users open the same app, there is still NO report of activity on RIM B.
What is causing this issue?


Question No : 9
A security audit revealed problems with the newly installed multi-node environment. The environment was deployed using the default settings for the central and rim nodes. All possible services have been added to the rim node.
The audit was based on the current IT security policy when states:
- All traffic between servers should be encrypted
- 256-bit encryption is required
- Traffic between client and server should be encrypted and trusted
- iOS devices must be supported
- Password length must be at least eight characters and include at least one number and one special character
What should the system administrator deploy to meet these requirements?


Question No : 10
A user owns an app that was previously published and wants to delete the app in the hub. The user is NOT able to delete the app.
What could be causing this issue?


Question No : 11
A system administrator creates a custom property called “dept” and assigns it to users and apps. The value of the custom property are department names such as Accounting, Finance, and IT. Users with the same value for “dept” can see and edit each other’s apps. Users with different values for the property should NOT see each other’s apps.
Which security rule should the administrator use to meet this requirement?


Question No : 12
Refer to the exhibit.

A user from the HR department has access to the HR stream.
The rule on the stream is:
((!=”Delivery” and!=”Account Manager” anduser.userDirectory!=”Externals”))
When the user tries to open the app in the HR stream, the error in the exhibit displays.
What is causing this error?


Question No : 13
A single-node Qlik Sense environment has all services up and running. Users report apps and sheets are slow to open.
A system administrator works remotely and does NOT have access to the shared file system for the environment. The system administrator’s computer can make requests to the Qlik Sense Repository Service. Due to the system performance issues, a system administrator can NOT run any new reloads. The system administrator receives a warning email about high RAM usage on the server.
Which step should the system administrator take to troubleshoot this issue?

Reference: 20Enterprise%20on%20Windows.pdf

Question No : 14
Open the QMC and reload the monitoring apps

正解: A

Question No : 15
A company decides to move servers from on premise to a cloud. A system administrator performs a backup, restore, and brings the server online. When users open the app on the hub, they get an error message indicating the app could not be found.
The system administrator confirms that apps are present in the required location and NO changes have been made.
What could be causing the issue?


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